remember today, that He loves you.
and when you forget two minutes later, remember.   He loves you.

when you're caught up in life and it's many struggles, 
remember that He knows.  He knows exactly what you're going through.  

but realize that God wants your heart.   
He's after your heart.  
remember that hardships will cause you to turn your heart towards Him.

let them, beg him to let them turn your heart towards Him.

remember his promises.  
remember His love. 
let it change the way you live today.

{thank you, to my brother David for reminding me.}


Hännah said...

if hardships help me turn to Jesus, and become closer to Him....then goodness, I should run /to/ them, not away! I should embrace the difficulties as tools for my refining, and smile on adversity!

it's good to stop and think like this once in a while. I needed this reminder...!

annie p. said...

mhmm. it's a hard, but true thing. love you dear. <3

Hännah said...

so right. love you, dear! <3