and maybe the things we imagined 
when we were all alone 
will forever remain unspoken. 
things that only God and the stars will ever know about.  
- if stars can know things, 
which i like to imagine they can. 
and you know as much as anyone
that like to imagine 
a lot of impossible things.


no words

there is no way to explain 
the shock that death sends through our brains
how unprepared we were for pain
no words come
and no words go
and no words will always be the only thing 
we know 
will do us right
so we weep and we pray
God keep us, hold us through this night



he gives grace for the hour.
{worrying about tomorrow is useless.}

when the birds sing
you'll teach me how to hear it
when the night comes
you'll teach me how to bear it



i'm so empty
 have so many regrets
so empty
there's nothing left

i can't see one step in front of me
but i hear your voice, it's calling out to me




remember today, that He loves you.
and when you forget two minutes later, remember.   He loves you.

when you're caught up in life and it's many struggles, 
remember that He knows.  He knows exactly what you're going through.  

but realize that God wants your heart.   
He's after your heart.  
remember that hardships will cause you to turn your heart towards Him.

let them, beg him to let them turn your heart towards Him.

remember his promises.  
remember His love. 
let it change the way you live today.

{thank you, to my brother David for reminding me.}


in thy hands

see, in thy hands i lay them all -
my will that fails, my feet that fall;
my heart that wearies everywhere,
yet finds thy yoke too hard to bear.
- katherine t. hinkson



when i see someone, i ought to love them

before i form any kind of opinion of them.

love them the way Jesus would love them.

just the way they are.


and let us fear nothing

let us give ourselves to God without any reserve,
and let us fear nothing. he will love us, and we shall love him. his love, increasing every day, will take the place of everything else to us. he will fill our whole hearts; he will deprive us only of those things that make us unhappy. he will cause us to do in general, what we have been doing already, but which we have done in an unsatisfactory manner; whereas, hereafter, we shall do them well, because they will be done for his sake. even the smallest actions of simple and common life will be turned to consolation and recompense. we shall meet the approach of death in peace; it will be changed for us into the beginning of the immortal life.
|-francois de la mothe fenelon-|


night rambling

life has been everything confusing. the feeling of being lost with no direction day after day is draining and hopeless. faces come and go, and words are spoken, and everything seems meaningless. thoughts and feelings are so deep inside that they're impossible to become something one could say. despair can be so entangling that it forces the soul into refusing to cast even a glance towards hope- believing that hope itself will just drive the despair deeper. the mind becomes weary of thoughts and looks for distraction in every place, strengthening the apathy of the soul. the people that come in and out of life, so willing to bring a cheery word, seem void of any kind of deep feeling, or perspective beyond the moment. but then the sun rises and the the day is new. everything seems right again. laughter would come and make the heart glad. the night has been so long that every raindrop is beautiful to behold. the day comes on like music, all else is fading and lost and all one knows is notes and rhythm and movement. the ceiling and walls seem to disappear and lights are everywhere, and everything is right. and then it suddenly ends and the pain sets in like a trap surrounding it's prey. anxious thoughts and dreadful pressure come back and it seems that everything is lost again. everywhere, there are people who once were known, but now are strangers. things that should come easy become distressingly complicated. hurt is hidden, smiles are faked, and everything goes on.
is life just one meaningless cycle of joy and fear, pain and happiness, wonder and anguish?
no. no, through it all the one thing, the one thing we cling to is Jesus. His birth. His life. His death. His resurrection. His ascension. and the knowledge that we will one day be face to face with Him. every day, every hour, we cling to these truths.
and we press on.

ever bearing in mind that He is still good.
and His love endures


give somebody a smile today #4

she's been sitting there for over an hour.
her face looks tired, worn out, uninterested.
she hunches over her work, leaning her head on one hand.
she takes a sip of her coffee
and glances at a text that just came through;
a faint smile appears, then fades.
every once in a while she sniffs-
as if she's just getting over one of this season's inevitable colds;
that, or she's just very low on sleep.
i can see her pencil moving
slowly drawing, erasing, then drawing again.
she's got her ear buds in,
her dirty white tennis shoe slowly tapping to the music she hears.
she's in her own world now
just for a little while.
i can't help but wonder
what she's escaping into that world from.

and i wish, somehow, i could let her know
how beautiful her smile is.

i think i'll walk over, and i'll tell her.