and let us fear nothing

let us give ourselves to God without any reserve,
and let us fear nothing. he will love us, and we shall love him. his love, increasing every day, will take the place of everything else to us. he will fill our whole hearts; he will deprive us only of those things that make us unhappy. he will cause us to do in general, what we have been doing already, but which we have done in an unsatisfactory manner; whereas, hereafter, we shall do them well, because they will be done for his sake. even the smallest actions of simple and common life will be turned to consolation and recompense. we shall meet the approach of death in peace; it will be changed for us into the beginning of the immortal life.
|-francois de la mothe fenelon-|


Savories of Life said...

a blessing. do follow me!!

Cassie said...

Yes,let us fear nothing! :) What a gift that is. :)
Lovely blog, by the way. :D

Lexi said...

amen! thank you for that beautiful reminder!
Love your blog!