night rambling

life has been everything confusing. the feeling of being lost with no direction day after day is draining and hopeless. faces come and go, and words are spoken, and everything seems meaningless. thoughts and feelings are so deep inside that they're impossible to become something one could say. despair can be so entangling that it forces the soul into refusing to cast even a glance towards hope- believing that hope itself will just drive the despair deeper. the mind becomes weary of thoughts and looks for distraction in every place, strengthening the apathy of the soul. the people that come in and out of life, so willing to bring a cheery word, seem void of any kind of deep feeling, or perspective beyond the moment. but then the sun rises and the the day is new. everything seems right again. laughter would come and make the heart glad. the night has been so long that every raindrop is beautiful to behold. the day comes on like music, all else is fading and lost and all one knows is notes and rhythm and movement. the ceiling and walls seem to disappear and lights are everywhere, and everything is right. and then it suddenly ends and the pain sets in like a trap surrounding it's prey. anxious thoughts and dreadful pressure come back and it seems that everything is lost again. everywhere, there are people who once were known, but now are strangers. things that should come easy become distressingly complicated. hurt is hidden, smiles are faked, and everything goes on.
is life just one meaningless cycle of joy and fear, pain and happiness, wonder and anguish?
no. no, through it all the one thing, the one thing we cling to is Jesus. His birth. His life. His death. His resurrection. His ascension. and the knowledge that we will one day be face to face with Him. every day, every hour, we cling to these truths.
and we press on.

ever bearing in mind that He is still good.
and His love endures


kimberly said...

That is so deep and well written! Beautiful post!

annie p. said...

thanks kimberly :)

Katie said...

*reads, sighs, agrees, and comments.*
lovely post dear. truly beautiful.