i'm sitting at a coffee shop, catching my breath. my life has been pretty crazy, and it's getting crazier. i love everything i'm doing, but i've found that if i'm not careful, things get hectic and i get stressed and worried. it's so easy to get caught up in everything and just rush from one thing on the list to the next.

my point? it's so very important to spend time daily alone with God. which is something i've been unfaithful at recently. with late nights and early mornings, i haven't made it a priority like i should. and it makes a difference in how the day goes. it really does.

starting my day with a grasp on God's amazing love for me at the cross, a focus on doing everything i do with eternity in perspective, and a prayer for a love and a joy that is not my own, is much different than starting the day with, -oh dear, i slept 20 minutes later than i should have, and i have to shove down my breakfast and get to where i'm going as fast as i possibly can.

hmm. see what i mean? it makes so much of a difference.

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