right now

i find myself wanting complete directions
before i take a step.

but sometimes God asks us to take
a step of faith
and simply trust
as he guides.

he will open doors
and he will shut them

when the time is right.

so right now

{i need to}
simply trust

and start walking.


Janet said...

thanks for posting, that's just what i needed to hear.

annie p. said...

you're welcome hun, love you <3

Hannah said...

same here. :/
too often I'm trying so hard to just stop fretting & start trusting that I don't realize...I've stopped walking, too.

Good, good reminder. <3

Tessa Emily Hall ~ Christ is Write said...

I love this. Your blog is filled with amazing quotes and truth. Taking a step of faith and trusting God is difficult... especially when you're comfortable right where you are. Thanks for sharing this. =)