how weak i am

i've been sick a lot recently. and i'm honestly getting tired of it. however, as annoying as it is, i think there's something about being sick that i like. or some things, i should say.
lots of hot tea,
being able to sleep in,
lots of vitamin C drops (as long as they're not all orange--seriously),
being forced to cancel work and rest,
extra time to read,
being able to sing four whole steps lower than i usually can,
lots of soup,
and that ridiculously hyper feeling that comes when i'm on the mend. it seems to come every time. but there's another thing that i like about being sick.
it reminds me how weak i am,
and how strong God is.
it reminds me how out of control i am, and how in control He is.
it reminds me that i depend on Him for everything.
and that's something i need to remember.

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